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Welcome, dear library user!

The University Library aims at offering our University the best possible support for research, teaching, learning and knowledge dissemination. To achieve this goal, we work continously on collecting and making accessible information for university users. We also keep a steady focus on developing our services and our infrastructure.

We now conduct a large user evaluation as part of our strategic development process. We want to collect information about how you experience the library services provided by the University of Bergen Library. How would you rate the level of service that you experience, compared to what you would ideally expect?

The survey program we have chosen is the LibQUAL+(TM) developed by the Association of Research Libraries. This web survey program is used by university libraries in many countries. It will therefore provide us with results that may easily be compared with results from other libraries.

Survey questions cover themes like service level experienced, outcome from and satisfaction with library services. The survey sometimes asks more than one question, with slightly different words, about the same thing. Please also be aware that this survey will ask you to indicate 3 different levels: The minimum level that you would accept, your desired level, and then your experienced level.

To make it worthwhile for you to participate we are offering the following prizes:

  • 1 iPod Touch
  • 2 iPod Nano
  • 10 memory sticks

If you want to participate in the lottery, fill in your email address in the appropriate box in the survey form.

Answers will not be traceable to any person.

We hope you will spare us the 13 minutes it takes to complete the survey. Thank you for participating!

Link to the survey

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