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New procedure for printing and/or copying

From February 2006 there is a new printing arrangement for the student-computers at several of the University Library's branch libraries.
In order to print you must deposit credit on your studentcard to activate it as a cash card.
Price: NOK 0,60 pr. page.

Follow the procedure below:

Go to http://payprint.uib.no/

Enter userid and password

Choose ePay

Enter amount and press Accept

NB! The balance on your account is not refundable, but will remain on your account for later use.

Enter card information and press OK

You will get a receipt confirming your transaction

Send to new printer

Send to file://print.uib.no/PullPrint
(this will be the standard printer from February 2006)

How to get the prints / How to pay

  • Locate the actual printer
  • Slip the studentcard through the card reader (on the right of the machine)
  • Wait until your name appears on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Press PULLPRINT to print and START
  • Press Back to return to main menu
  • Press Logout
    (NOK 0,60  pr. page)

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