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Regulations concerning the failure to return overdue literature


The following regulations take effect from 20 June 2001:

The loan period and lending regulations must be respected. If a book is not returned after two overdue notices, borrowers will, after receiving a third overdue notice, be refused further loans from the University of Bergen Library until the borrowed material has been returned. In order to get back their library privileges borrowers must return the overdue literature and pay a fee of NOK 100,-. This applies both to loans from the University library’s own collections, and to interlibrary loans.

If overdue literature is still not returned after a third overdue notice, borrowers must in addition replace the lost material. Borrowers must then pay the cost of replacement plus a service charge of NOK 350,- to cover the library’s expenses. The minimum replacement amount is NOK 700,-. If the lost material is returned after the borrower has received a replacement notice, the replacement is cancelled. If the lost material is returned after the borrower has paid the replacement costs, the borrower will be refunded the replacement amount minus the service charge of NOK 350,-.

For interlibrary loans the University of Bergen Library must pay the replacement amount decided on by the owner library. In such cases the borrower must pay the same amount. Even if the borrower later returns interlibrary loans, he/she must pay the full replacement amount.


Kari Garnes
Library director