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Library services

Reference services/user instruction

The library staff consists of experienced information specialists within most of the disciplines offered at the University. They offer high quality reference services. Reference books for the different disciplines are found at their respective faculty libraries. The library also subscribes to a number of information databases that can be searched via the library network. An increasing number of reference and information sources can be accessed from work stations.

The University Library records research in progress and research publications at the Bergen University in the database for research documentation called FORSKDOK.

The library offers instruction and courses for library users so that they are able to utilize the library's collections and search the  literature databases. All the faculty libraries have a standard learning program for users. User education can be customized to fit the special needs of individuals and groups.

In addition to PCs for database searches, each faculty library has Web access. This service is primarily intended for users of the library's Internet services and more general information services. Patrons can also sende and read e-mail provided they have an e-mail account at the University.