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Library services


The Bergen University Library is a public academic library. Anybody who is 18 years or more, and who needs library materials for research, study or similar purposes, may borrow literature from the University Library. Interlibrary loan services provide materials which are not found in our own collections.

The library consists of seven faculty libraries. Many of the library services require a library card. A library card may be obtained at one of the faculty libraries. The library card can be used at all special and research libraries in Norway. Users are required to familiarize with circulation policies and respect them. 

The University Library has developed its collections primarily to support research and study taking place at the University of Bergen. In addition to books and periodicals in printed form, the library has in recent years made available a steadily increasing number of electronic journals in fulltext format.

Literature on a particular subject is found at its respective faculty library. BIBSYS, the library's online catalog, provides information on where materials are located. BIBSYS can also be accessed on the Internet. 

The library has special collections for photographs, manuscripts, newspapers and maps.