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The starting point of the University of Bergen Library's holdings was the collections of the old Bergen Museum Library. During its existence the University Library has also received large private gift collections, which usually reflect the donor's special fields of interest. In addition the library has acquired extensive collections of non-printed materials (manuscripts, pictures, etc.).
Many of these collections and documents are unique and therefore not available to the public in the same way as the faculties' newer collections of books and periodicals. A large proportion of these collections are located in the special collections at the Arts and Humanities Library and in the library's picture collection.
In recent years the library has made digital presentations of the most valuable parts of its rare and unique collections. On this page you will find links to digital presentations available online at the moment. New presentations will be added as soon as they are available.
Special collections:
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Knud Knudsen-collection, photographs
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Gallery "Godbiter" (treasures from our collections)