University of Bergen : University Library

Lending Regulations

  • The purpose of the University Library is to lend literature and other material and to give access to information in electronic form for study and research purposes.
  • Many of the library's services require a library card. The library card can be used at all faculty libraries. Borrowers are personally responsible for their library card, and loss of the library card must be reported immediately to prevent any abuse. Borrowers must make sure that information about address, incl. e-mail address, tel. number, etc., are correct. Valid identification with the holder's photograph is required in order to obtain a library card. Students and staff at the University of Bergen use their own study/id card as a library card.

  • The University Library makes use of e-mail to send messages to its borrowers.

  • Books may normally be borrowed for a period of four weeks. The loan period must be observed. The loan period can be reduced for books on reservation lists. Special rules apply for textbooks. Loan restrictions are imposed on certain kinds of material. Overdue books with reservations must be returned immediately. Other loans may usually be renewed. Loans must be returned during periods of extended absence. It is not permitted to take library material abroad. Lending library material to a third party is not allowed.

  • If overdue literature is not returned after two overdue notices, borrowers will, after receiving a third overdue notice, be refused further loans from the University of Bergen Library until the borrowed material has been returned. In order to get back their library privileges borrowers must return the overdue literature and pay a service charge.

  • On request, a receipt is issued on returning a library loan.

  • Borrowers are responsible for lost or damaged material. Marking text or writing in library material is considered damage. Lost material that later reappears is still the library's property. The cost of replacement, minus a service charge, will be refunded if the receipt for the replacement is presented.

  • Periodicals are usually for loan on the library premises only. Borrowers may  take photocopies of articles for their own use at a service charge. Copy machines are available in all library departments. Electronic periodicals and other electronic documents can be read on all PCs which are connected to the University network.

  • Regulations for the Picture Collection, see:
    Regulations for the Special Collections, see:

  • Borrowers not resident in Bergen should preferably use the local public or county library. Students registered on distance learning programmes at the University of Bergen may contact the University Library directly.

  • Staff and students at the University of Bergen can order interlibrary loans for study and research purposes of material not found in our own collections.

  • There is a service charge on some of the library's services. See separate regulations.

  • Violation of library regulations may lead to the loss of library privileges. Exemption from the lending regulations may be granted in special cases.

          April 2003.