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University of Bergen : University Library


Other Libraries and Institutions

University libraries in Norway

  University of Agder Library

  University of Oslo Library

  University Library of Stavanger

  University of Tromsø Library

  NTNU Library (UBiT)

  Norwegian University Library of Life Sciences (UBMB)

  The University Centre in Svalbard Library (UNIS Library)

Other libraries

  The National Library

  Directory of Norwegian Libraries and their ILL Associates Abroad
     (database BIBLIOTEK, from the National Library)

  Public Libraries in Norway  (from Biblioteksentralen)

Other institutions and organisations

   ABM-utvikling - the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority

  FBF - Forskerforbundets Bibliotekforening (Library organisation of the
              Norwegian Association of Researchers)

  NBF - Norsk Bibliotekforening (The Norwegian Library Association)

  NFF - Norsk Fagbibliotekforening (The Norwegian Association of Special

  UHR-B - Universitets- og høgskolerådets bibliotekutvalg (Library Committee of
                  the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions)


  EBLIDA - European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation

  IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

  LIBER - Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche

  SPARC Europe - the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition