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Strike at the University Library from 23 May?

Nearly 300 University of Bergen employees will go on strike from 23 May, unnless YS, LO og Unio reach an agreement with the state by midnight 22 May. Included in the nearly 300 are the vast majority of the University Library staff.

If the strike takes effect, the library services will be reduced to a minimum. The branch libraries will either be completely closed or run very short opening hours, primarily after ordinary working hours. There will be no postal or delivery services between the branch libraries, so that books and article copies etc can not be obtained from other libraries. Interlibrary loan services to and from the University of Bergen library will also be closed down during the strike. Vi regret any inconvenience this may have for our users.

See more detailed information on opening hours and available services at the branch libraries during the strike on the branch libraries' own websites. A list of these is available here.


Bergen, 22 May 2008

Ole Gunnar Evensen
Acting library director