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ICT services

Print and photocopy for students


Access to the Internet

You can access the Internet from anywhere - also from home.

If you are an employee or student at the University of Bergen, you can access the Internet e.g. from home via the University's servers. In this way you will also get access  to the University Library's databases, electronic journals etc, as well as to the electronic telephone directory.

How to get a user account

   Students may open their own user and e-mail account at the IT department's servers.

How to access the Internet from your own computer on the library premises
   (in Norwegian)

Off-site access to digital resources etc

Practical ICT information for students

Webmail - read your e-mail from "anywhere" (in Norwegian)
   Requires an account

E-mail during absence
     Forwarding e-mail - students (in Norwegian)
     Absence notice - forwarding e-mail - University staff (in Norwegian)

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