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Subject Resources: Law

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Legal research: for Univ of Bergen users

Electronic journals (UiB only)

Legal research: for all users
Norw. law in foreign languages: a bibliography
Publications on Norwegian Law
Treaties: a bibliography (mainly in Norw)
Juridisk nettviser: gateway to web law
Online law in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Legal information in Norway: electr and printed
Translated Norwegian legislation
       Chronological list
       Alphabetical list
       Acts and Regulations
EU i: European Information
Nordic legal festschriften: a bibliography (pdf) public sector info and services

Dictionaries on the web (UiB only)
Dictionaries: from Bibsys web portal
Law dictionaries: from Juridisk nettviser portal


Subject librarians
Law Library

Kirsti Lothe Jacobsen
   Tel (+47) 55 58 95 26


Jørn W. Ruud
   eu/eea, public documents,
   history of law
   Tel (+47) 55 58 95 28