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Electronic journals

Most journals in physics and engineering sciences are available online from the university web. These can be found by searching in BIBSYS or Bibliotekportalen. In BIBSYS you can also find journals not available online from UiB. These can be ordered as paper copies.

For some areas in physics articles as preprints on open servers are as important as articles published in ordinary journals. The most important open access collections of articles in physics are:

Articles can also be found in:

  • Wikipedia. This is an encyclopaedia on the web. It's written by volunteers from all around the world. The content can be copied and used freely.
  • BORA. This is a publication archive which contains research publications from the University of Bergen. It contains full text of peer reviews articles, dissertations, master thesis.

Older volumes of journals (before 1995) is usually just in printed version. Exceptions are Physical Review Series from American Physical Society and journals from the Institute of Physics (IoP), were we have access to online archives.

Printed journals

Most of the printed journals in physics at UiB are found on the Institute of physics and technology (IFT). An overview of what is found here is on this web page. Employees and students at IFT are free to copy from these journals. Others have to order these articles from BIBSYS.

In the library of natural sciences there is a large collection of periodicals in other areas in sciences, but also some in physics. These can be copied for 1 NOK pr copy.

Questions about journals and periodicals are addressed to Tilvekstavdelingen.