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Books collection at the Science library:


There are two book collections at the science library:

In the recent physics books collection (at the left of the circulation desk), you will find books which have been mainly acquired over the last 20-25 years. They are shelved according to a number called Dewey number (see Dewey classification). Books in "theoretical" physics lay in the "Fysikk" shelf from number 530 to number 539. Books in "applied" physics, for example physics of laser or electronic, lay in the "teknologi" shelf from number 620 to number 629.

List of new physics books  2007 2006 2005  2004 

List of new physics books 2007 2006 2005  2004 

In the old physics book collection (see Information and online tour of the library), you will find old books and some old holdings incorporated from department libraries. They are arranged by several different older systems. A code like "Fc" plus a number is generally incorporated on the cover of the book. Three letters, "FYS", are added when the book comes from the institute of Physics. 

All books are recorded in the BIBSYS database and can be found by searching in it.