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Internet Resources

Links to the Bible and biblical studies

Buddhism Online

Gnosticism Online

Some links to homepages for religions
Theses pages give you access to information on how different new religious and religious societies present themselves through their homepages and journals.

Hinduism Online

Islam Online

Muslim devotional posters
Pages about muslim popular use of pictures and icons including the prophet.
The project focuses on massproduced religious popular pictures in a Muslim context.

Christianity Online
This page gives links to church history, theology and bliblical studies.

Judaism Online

Myths and legends
Links to several mythical beliefs in religious societies.

Internet resources that cover a wide range of subjects,  from odinist outreach to crusades and history of religion.

Religion Religions Religious studies
Links to websites on religions and religious themes in the US. The page has been created by Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.

Religious pluralism
This page gives a an overview of themes from new religious movements to religions in diaspora.

Sami religion
Website from the University of Tromsų that covers history of the Sami religion and culture..

This link gives a an overview of churches and religious societies all over the world, arranged in alphabetical order.

Virtual Religion Index
A website that provides you with resources on central sociological and social-anthropological views on religious science. The page also provides  links to bibliographies and internet resources that cover everything from theological studies to psychology of religion.