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Linguistics Books and reference literature


Our Dewey-collection is in the open area. Find the literature that you want by using one of our Bibsys-terminals, and pick the books directly from the shelves. Some collections are still in closed storage, and must be ordered before collection. Please ask a librarian, or order on-line. The reference-collection is only for use within the library.

As an aid in searching for specific themes, we are using the HUMORD-system. This is a thesaurus for the humanities. Search for current HUMORDs here. (norwegian only)

New Books
Locate Dewey-number 149.94 for philosphy of language, 410-419 for linguistics, and 306.44 for sociolinguistics.

Book Wishes?
We are happy to hear your suggestions for books currently not in our collections.

Reference Books (print)

Our collection of reference books holds reference literature for the humanities.
Linguistc reference literature.

Other electronic reference literature is available from the subject's resource page.


A selection of printed bibliographies available at the arts library:
- Linguistics
- Computational linguistics
- Phonetics and Phonology
- Morphology
- Pragmatics
- Sociolinguistics
- Syntax