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Internet Resources

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 A selection from Bibsys subject portal, with reviews (this is in Norwegian only)

Resources from the net

ACM Digital Library.
 ACM er Association for Computing Machinery.  Full-text database which goes 50  years back in time.

Association of Internet Researchers
 Advocates internetstudies traversing subject borders.

Center for Computer Games Research
 The IT-university of Copenhagen.

Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
 CDDC - Digital publications within the field of communication and cultural  analysis.

Center for Women & Information Technology
 Dealing with women and technology.

 COmmunity Research & Development Information Service
 Interface for browsing and searching EU-research on society and IT.

Cyber Security Policy & Research Institute
 CPI's mission is to encourage, promote, facilitate, and execute interdisciplinary
 research in areas related to the nexus of society and the Internet.

Digital Games Research Association

Humanistic Informatics at Aalborg University.

Lingo (Bergen University)
 Internet-based learning environments ("virtual worlds") designed for  second  langauge studies.

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
 Research on new technology in university research and -information.
 Comprehensive list of projects/publications.

the Oxford Internet Institute
 They study the social implications of the internet.

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
 Gives an account of previous and future conferences within the field of  'cyberculture'.


Grand Text Auto
 Group blog on computer narrative, poetry, games and art, written by six  researchers . Frequent discussions where well known researcers participate.

 Jill Walker's somewhat famous blog on everything concerning our digital everyday  life...

Terra Nova
 Group blog on academic perspectives on MMPOG's. Written by 19 of the  foremost researchers in this area.