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Check out this blog for the latest news from the library. (In norwegian only)

About books, our collection and bibliographies.

Electronic books and reference literature

Master- and doctoral theses
A list containing master- and doctoral theses delivered at the department of english.

Journals of interest for the english-studying world. With links to current electronic journals.
You can find even more e-journals in Doaj , which gives you acces to full-text journals.


Other internet resources

Courses and reference questions (Norwegian only)
Information-search and the use of sources
Net-based course in searching and sourcehandling focusing on assignments
The reference tool EndNote



Subject specialist for literature
Astrid Utne
Tlf 555 82504
Office hours: Thursdays 9-11.45 am (ask at front desk). Or by appointment.

Subject specialist for language
Jørgen Pedersen (temp.)
Tlf. 55 58 88 36
Office hours: Ask at front desk, or by appointment.


Institutions at Bergen University
Department of English
The arts library

Other departments of english
Department of literature, area studies and    European languages (UiO)
English (UiT)
Institutt for moderne fremmedspråk (NTNU)    (norwegian only!)
Norwegian Study Centre. University of York