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The most current databases are:

British Library Catalogues

Link to bibsys subject-portal (norwegian) English language and literature

COPAC provides access to the merged online catalogues of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland plus  the British Library.

English National Bibliography (from 1986)
English books etc. [info] (28.09.06: Out of order. FK.)

ERIC (from 1966) (Educational Resources Information Center)
Database containing journals and reports within the field of pedagogics and linguistics, communication, etc.

Interlex Past Masters
Classic texts in full text. Both original and english translations.

International database with references to articles and TOC's for journals. From 1987.

JSTOR is a full-text base for international journals. Wordsearch is possible. The Base contains app. 150 of the most current journals from the fields of arts and social sciences.

Library of Congress Online Catalogue

Linguistics Abstracts Online(fra 1981) [info]
The base contains references to articles (and abstracts) for linguistic journals from all over the world, including Norway.

Literature Online
Searchable library of over 350 000 titles in literature, mostly english and american. 168 full-text journals of literature and other reference works.

MLA - Modern Language Association
International Bibliography (from 1963)
The database accepts articles from ab. 3000 journals within language and literature.

OCLC FirstSearch
Library Catalogues, journlas, congresses etc. from major libraries in the US. Among others: WorldCat, ArticleFirst, Netfirst, Proceedings [info]

Thor M. Andresen's bibliography of norwegians in america. (norwegian only)