The Toolbar

Use the different toolbar options to navigate the viewed image.


Zoom In

Each click on the image zooms in on the point clicked at a 2:1 ratio.


Zoom Out

Each click on the image zooms out on the point clicked at a 2:1 ratio.


Select Zoom

Click-and-drag the pointer tool across an area of the image. The specified area is brought into the viewing window.



Click-and-drag the hand tool across the image. The entire image drags across the viewing window; when the mouse button is released, the image refreshes at the new location.


Full Size

Click once to view the entire image in the viewing window.


Image Properties

Click once for information on the viewed image, including the area of the image currently in the viewing window.


About MrSID Online Viewer

Click once for information about the MrSID Online Viewer.


Zoom-level Indicator

Indicates the currently viewed zoom level. Also indicates the number of zoom levels available in the currently viewed image. To zoom to a specific level, click on the preferred indicator bar.

You may also right-click inside the image window to see additional viewing options.