Installing the MrSID Online Viewer

If you are running Internet Explorer, the MrSID Online Viewer will install automatically when you attempt to view a MrSID image.

If you are running Netscape Navigator, you will need to download the Online Viewer from the LizardTech website at

Once you have downloaded the installer from the LizardTech website, you will need to install the software. To do so, locate the MrSIDOnlineViewer.exe file in the download location and double click on it. The installer will unpack and begin to run.

When you receive a welcome dialog box, click Next to continue with the installation. You will then be asked to read and agree to the MrSID Online Viewer licensing agreement. Once you have read the licensing agreement, click Yes to continue with the installation. You will then see the following screen:

If you wish to choose the destination folder, click on the Browse button and select or create the folder for installation. Otherwise, click Next to continue to install the Online Viewer in the default destination folder.

As the application is installed, you will be updated about the installer's progress. You may click the Cancel button to stop the installation.

When installation is complete, you will receive the following message:

Click Finish, and installation is complete. You are now ready to use the MrSID Online Viewer.

The next time you restart your machine, you may receive the following message:

It is not necessary to restart your machine to run the MrSID Online Viewer.