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University of Bergen : University Library : Psychology library

The Collection

Our collection covers mainly  books and journals within psychology and education. You may search the complete holdings in the  Library database.

- The  Book Collection is organized  according to Dewey's decimal classification system.
The lendingtime is four weeks.
E-books available via internet.

- Journal collection contains online and paper issues
They may not be cheked out, but you can make a copy or a print of the article you need.

- Parts of the collection:
Required reading.
We have divided and placed the required readning collection on shelfs near the circulationdesk. Usually we keep two or more copies of each book. One copy is to be used in the library only, but the others can be borrowed for two weeks.. 
Reference collection.
Library also has a variety of reference materials as dictionaries,handbooks, encyclopedia that are available for research but may not be checked out
The library also provides online encyclopedias and several other databases.
Master's Theses.
The Master's Theses are arranged in alphabetical order by the author's name. Lendingtime is four weeks.

Lendingtime is four weeks
Arranged in alphabetical order beside the Master's theses.
Lendingtime is two weeks.
Only available for research purposes.
Lendingtime is two weeks.
It is also possible to watch them in the library at our TV/Videomachine..
Atlas, encyclopedias and some others CDs are available in the library.
Lendingtime is two weeks