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 The Circulation Desk

At the desk you get:
- answers to your queries
- help to use the library
  facilities  efficiently       
- library cards
- database search assistance

and you can:
- register loans
- collect and pay print-outs


Just ask us
We will help you get acquainted with the library, so you  can use our facilities in the most efficient way.

Library card for
- students : use your studentcard. Your user code is on the back side.
- employees: use your University ID card. Your user code in on the back side.
- other useres have to register at the library in person. Please bring a valid ID card

All loans must be registered at the desk. Remember to bring your library card/student card/staff-ID card. The normal loan period is 4 weeks, but some loan periods may be shorter. Journal loans are restricted. You may order books and journal articles from other faculty libraries. If available, books will normally arrive here within a couple of days. Copies will be forwarded directly to users with an invoice code. Users without such invoice code must pick up their article copies at the library desk and pay in cash. You may order books already on loan by other users. When an item is available, you will be notified either by mail or by e-mail

From Student Computers in the library, see: New procedure for printing and/or copying

University employees may use copy codes on the copymachine behind the desk.

From the other computers in the library print-outs must be collected and paid at the desk at NOK 1,- per printed page.


Database search

The University Library subscribes to many databases, which  may be accessed from  university registered computers.
The library catalogue system, BIBSYS OPAC presents our collection of  books and journals. In addition, the library home pages have links to several subject databases through the Library Portal. The staff will give you introductory assistance and courses.

Welcome to the library