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The journals are arranged  alphabetically by title on the shelves to the right as you enter the library.You are expected to find and copy articles yourself. In case of difficulties, please ask the staff for help. New issues are laid out every Wednesday.

Full text electronic journals
The University Library subscribes to a large number of online journals. The articles in these journals may be printed out in full text from all university registered computers.

Ordering journal articles
Library users are expected to copy/print articles in the library. Journal articles from other library departments or libraries may be ordered on the web through BIBSYS. You have to be a registered library user to avail yourself of the ordering facility. Articles from other UBB departmental libraries are charged at NOK 1.- per page. For articles from external (non-UBB) libraries thers is a set price of NOK 60,- per article. Students must pay cash at the library desk when collecting their articles. University staff may use an invoice code when ordering.


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