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Library Learning Center

The library offers an extended learning environment with a number of workstations with computers and AV equipments. Through access to a large number of information databases and other high quality electronic resources, the complete library collections, and assistance from library staff, we wish to make a good learning environment in the library.

You will find:
group workstations
instruction area

Access to the computers requires a login. All matriculated UiB students should already have one. In the event of a problem, please ask the library staff at the circulation desk.
Login will access you to the following tools:
Microsoft Office

See: New procedure for printing

Other equipment
Headset and computer cabels for laptops are available for use in the library. Please ask the library staff. We need your librarycard as a deposite .

Use of the workstations
The workstations are to be used for academic pursuits and the completion of work assignments, for the Faculty's own students. Computer game playing and chat rooms are not considered acceptable use.

As for the library in general, these areas are not quiet, but we ask you out of respect to your fellow students not to talk loudly or use your mobile phone in the library.
We also remind you that no eating or drinking is allowed in the library.