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  At the desk you get:
- answer to your queries
  - a library card
  - database search assistance
  - help to use the library
    facilities efficiently       

and you
- register loans
  - buy copy cards/pay for copies

Library card/student card
Student cards include the library user code on the back side. Staff members got a new library user code on the back of the new ID-cards. Please ask the library to register this new user code for you. All other users have to register at the library in person. Registration is quick if you bring an official ID card.

All loans must be registered at the desk. Remember to bring your library card/student card. The normal loan period is 4 weeks. Journal loans are restricted. You may order books/journal articles which are not in the holdings of your faculty library. If available, books normally arrive at your faculty library within a couple of days. Journal copies will be forwarded directly to users with invoice code. Users without invoice code must pick up their article copies at the library desk and pay in cash. You may order books already on loan by other users. When the document is ready for loan, you will receive a notice either by post or by e-mail.

Copy card
Users who want to take photocopies from the library collection on the library copy machine, must buy a copycard at the library desk.Copy card prices are
NOK 10.- for 10 copies and NOK 100,- for 150 kopier. University employees have access to copy codes.

Database search
The University Library subscriptions cover access to many databases, the majority may be accessed from all university registered computers. 
BIBSYS is the library catalogue presenting the collection of available books and journals. In addition the library homepages have links to many large subject databases. The staff will give you introductory assistance and courses.

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