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The library collection covers mainly the preclinical subjects anatomy, biochemistry and physiology, and clinical medicine and health science subjects.

The books are arranged according to the NLM subject system on the shelves number 2 ti 6. Register your loans at the library desk.

The BIBSYS OPAC will give you following information on the book:
Biometry : the principles and practice / Sokal, Robert R. 1995

   Document location:
   Det medisinske fakultetsbibliotek QH 323.5 Sok

When searching via Bibliotekportalen, it will look like that:
   Holdings: UBBMED QH 323.5 Sok

"Det medisinske fakultetsbibliotek" is the Norwegian name of the Medical library. UBBMED is the abbreviation.

"QH 323.5 Sok" indicates where you find the book on the shelf.

QH the subject code for general biology, QH 323.5  for biometry

"Sok" is the three first letters of the author name.

Books already on loan may be ordered via the BIBSYS ordering procedure.
A message will be sent to you when the book becomes available

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