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Michael and Ossian Sars







Every study has a history and so too has marine biology. One of the great scientific efforts in marine biology can be recalled as having its cradle in the events around Michael and Ossian Sars. They were father and son, both zoologists, and both with a connection to Bergen.

At the Science Library we have brought out some well cared for publications by these two zoologists, and wish to present them.

Utstillingen er tilrettelagt av Gerard Ridgway (mai 2003).

Utstillings material:
Ridgway G. ( 2003),  Michael and Ossian Sars, utstillingsplansjene (engelsk versjon, norsk versjon)
Sars G.O. (1918) An account of the Crustacea of Norway with short descriptions and figures of all the species, Copepoda : Cyclopoida, bind 6
Sars M. (1846) Fauna littoralis Norvegiae, bind 1

Nordgaard O. (1918) Michael og Ossian Sars
Sars G.O. (1993) On the freshwater Crustaceans occurring in the vicinity of Christiania