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 University of Bergen : Library : Science Library

Science Library

is one of the branch libraries of the University of Bergen Library, providing comprehensive collections of literature in mathematics and the natural sciences.

All the literature is registered in the BIBSYS catalogue, which is an online union catalogue containing bibliographical records of the collections in the National Library, Norwegian university libraries, all college libraries, and a number of research libraries. A link to BIBSYS can be found in the left index on all our web pages.

The regular loan period for books is 4 weeks, while course books, reference books, and periodicals, as a rule, are for in-library use only. For more information, see:  lending regulations.

Recommendations for new books may be delivered directly to the circulation desk at the library, or by e-mail.  Purchase requests for serials or very expensive books should first be given to the library committee at your department. 

Other services:

  • interlibrary loan service for items not held by UB
  • new journal issues exhibited each Thursday
  • guidance in searching for information on a topic
  • courses in the use of the electronic resources of the library
  • access to databases on specific subjects, and other online resources
  • access to internet and e-mail
  • workstations with or without PCs for the faculty's students
  • PC-room for rent (equipped for courses)