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   How to request a book

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  Perform first a search for the book in the BIBSYS OPAC (library catalog).
    See "BIBSYS Ask - Simple search" and  "?" for guidance in searching.

Books held at The Science Library will have the location symbol UBBRB,
UBBRB 333.91 Cla")  Take a note or print to help you find the book on the shelf.
   Other location symbols are: UBBHF (Arts Library), UBBSV (Social sciences)

When an item has been  found in BIBSYS and the location checked, find
   the button "Order" in screen, follow the instructions and submit the order.  
   NB:  If the owning library department is situated within easy walking distance
   users are expected to go the department in question to borrow the book.
   (You may also send a request.)

  If the Book is already on loan: Send your request, and a reserve will be placed for

For Items not owned by University of Bergen library: Your order will be regarded
   as a request for interlibrary loan (or copy). 
   (If the book you request has been published recently, a purchase will also
    be considered.) 

Time of delivery may vary from 2-14 days. You will receive a message by mail,
   electronic or other, when the item is ready for you at the library.   

If you dont find what you are looking for: You can still order the book in BIBSYS.
   Use this request-link:
   Would you like to order a document not present in The Library Database?