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Electronic journals
       A large number of journals in
      electronic format can be accessed
      from all PCs in the library, and
      all campus sites. For printouts of
      articles in the library, a printer at the
 desk is used.You may
      also send printouts to the PullPrint   
      machine if you have an account.
      see the Student pages.
Journals in printed editions  

      The journal holdings  from
      1999 and forward  are shelved in
      this room on the right hand side, by
      the news corner.
      Issues received in the last week are
      displayed separately.
      You can find the journal on
      the shelf for reading in the library or
      make your own photocopies.




      If you go up the stairs at the
      centre of the entrance level in the
      library, you will find journal stacks
      for most of the journal holdings
      older than 1999, arranged

Rooms for photocopy machines
      Copiers for users are available in
      small rooms at the back sides of the
      staircase on both levels of the
      library. Copy cards are sold at
      the desk. Staff may use their staff-id
      card on the PullPrint-machine, or a
      copycode. Students can also use
      the PullPrint-option. See Student


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