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The Main book collection
      Here you will find all recent books
      acquired over the last 20-25 years
      - and a lot of older titles.

      The main collection is often called
      the Dewey collection, as the
      books are arranged according to
      the Dewey decimal classification
      system, an international system
      also used in public libraries.   
Course books

      Course books on the topics
      instructed at the faculty, are placed
      in separate shelves, and are   
      intended for in-library-use only.

      For some of the titles, a second
      copy, or the previous edition,
      may be held in the main
      collection as lending material.

Manuals on computer programs

      Some manuals on
      computer programs (in Norwegian)
      are shelved opposite to the
      circulation desk.

      More advanced books
      on informatics are included
      in the main collection.

Hovedoppgaver, master's theses, doctoral dissertations

      Theses and dissertations
      from the departments
      are placed on the shelves on the
      right hand side, behind the course
      book collection.

Older books

      Some older collections are shelved 
      behind the course books, including
      some old holdings incorporated
      from department libraries, and
      arranged by several different older


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