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 Desks with PCs for students

Most of these are located along the windows and  walls on the entrance level of the library. To log on, use your student account code and password, and get access to your home area on the server, Microsoft Office, as well as the electronic resources of the library, such as databases, online periodicals, and BIBSYS, the library's online public catalogue.

Workstations for groups
      At the far back corner you can find
      some desks and a table for
      groups of  2 - 4  students.
      The PCs here have the same options
      as the others.
PC s for searching in catalogues and databases

      The PCs placed opposite to the
      information / circulation desk are
      adapted for literature databases and
      Internet use.
      They are not equipped with software
      for "office work".

Quiet area with desks

      If you go up the stairs at the
      centre of the Library, to the next
      level, you will find a number of desks
      for study purposes along the
      outer walls.
      Some PC-workstations have also
      been placed on this level.
      The PCs or study desks may not
      be reserved.



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