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News from the Science Library

05.08.2008 Nye bøker (new books) juni 2008

01.07.2008 Nye bøker mai 2008

02.06.2008 Nye bøker april 2008

02.05.2008 Nye bøker mars 2008

01.04.2008 Nye bøker februar 2008

04.03.2008 Nye bøker januar 2008

05.02.2008 Nye bøker desember 2007

03.12.07: Utstilling ved Det Juridiske fakultetsbibliotek              
               * Norges rettigheter i polarområdene
               * Riksgrensen

13.03.2007 New agreement with Blackwell

 02.03.2007 New  BIBSYS

18.12.2006 Access to IEEE Xplore

24.05.2006 Software available on some of the PCs

23.04.2006 Windows Live Academic

26.10.2006 New BIBSYS

01.01.2006 Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA)

16.02.2006  J-STAGE

10.01.2006 Siam's online archive

10.01.2006 Springer journal archive

03.01.2006 Expanded access to IoP-journals

07.03.2005 Safari - e-books in informatics

20.01.2005 Journals form Cambridge University Press

29.11.2004 E-journals from Taylor & Francis

13.04.2004 Full access to journals from IoP

31.03.2004 Four new journals from IoP

19.01.2004 New electronic books and reference works  

10.12.2003 Renew your loans through My BIBSYS

04.12.2003 700 e-journals fom Kluwer

05.11.2003 New physics journals from IoP
Users on the University intranet can now access 28 new journals from the British physics society IoP. This is a test for a period of 3 months from 01.11.2003. The Norwegian university libraries are currently negotiating for a permanent consortia licence for all IoP journals.

30.10.2003 Expanded online access to AGU journals.  Articles can now be viewed from your own pc! (NB: Limited to  2 simultaneous users). Find the journal in BIBSYS  and use the URL address to go to the home page.

25.06.2003  2 new geology-journals in UBBRB's collections:
Petroleum geoscience and G-Cubed

12.05.2003  Exhibition : Michael and Ossian Sars

02.04.2003  30 new journals from the American Chemical Society

26.03.2003 The following AGU-journals are available online.  Access via one single user-pc in the Science Library.

1 Geophysical research letters (online)
2 Global biogeochemical cycles (online)
3 Journal of geophysical research (online). D, Atmospheres
4 Journal of geophysical research (online). F, earth surface
5 Journal of geophysical research (online). C, Oceans
6 Journal of geophysical research (online). E, Planets
7 Journal of geophysical research (online). A, Space physics
8 Journal of geophysical research (online). B
9 Paleoceanography (online)
10 Radio science (online)
11 Reviews of geophysics (Washington, D.C. online)
12 Tectonics (online)
13 Water resources research (online)

04.02.2003 UBBHAUK and UBBPRE are moving and integrating to UBBMED

22.01.2003 New interface for databases: WebSPIRS version 5
The databases Biological Abstracts, Geological References and Inspec, all from SilverPlatter,  all have a new and improved interface.

11.12.2002  Studentcard as library card
The new student card  now to be received by all the University students, is also a library card, to be used at all departments of the University library. (The Barcode no at the back of the card is your library user number.)

03.12.2002  Collection of course books
The intension is to keep one copy of all course books within the mathematical and natural science subjects.
If you miss anything in the collection, please inform us.
To improve the availability, the books in the collection may only be used in the library 
  - for orientation concerning a subject / course
  - as easily available literature to consult for projects / assignments
  - in library consultation.

05.11.2002  Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences [ info ]
Comprehensive online  encyclopaedia in the biological disciplines.
"The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences is the most ambitious single reference source ever to be published in the biological sciences."

.04.11.2002  MY BIBSYS (only in Norwegian)
You may now click this button and view of your own loans and requests, as well as order your own alert services from Bibsys.

04.10.2002  AccessScience [ info ]
Comprehensive encyclopaedia for natural sciences and engineering.
Includes dictionary.
Corresponds to the printed ed. of the "McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology" in 21 volumes,  kept in our Reference collection.
Presently only a single user licence.
As a consequence, be efficient and remember to log out.