The law library

The Law Library (UBBJUR) is a departement of Bergen University Library (UB). UBBJUR has a collection of approximately 70 000 volumes and subscribes to approximately 300 different law journals and law reports – both national, Scandinavian and international. The whole collection is located at one floor level (with some minor exceptions). The library procures all academic Scandinavian literature in law – as well as law books, law journals and law reports in foreign languages from several other countries in Europe, from EU and from the US. In addition we procure litterature from related fields like political science, (legal) philosophy, (legal) history, sociology of law, and criminology.

Arrangement of the collections

The library is divided into 57 shelves – the first 23 close to the circulation desk (east), from 24 through 57 by the windows (west).

Arrangement of this list

This list is a systematically arranged complete list of the library's documents on legislatition, law reports and law journals in non-Scandinavian. Each source, report or journal is identified by the classification number followed by the first three letters from the title – and it refers to the shelves (e.g «14.6 Deu» together with «R 28» refers to «Deutsche Gesetze» classified «14.6 Deu» and found on shelve 28 – «R 28»).

Circulation & photo-copying

The primary sources of law and the law journals do not circulate and must be utilized on location. This material can be copied on the photocopiers in the library. Please note the copy-rules. If you need any help, please contact the library staff. See also our yellow Pamphlet no 6 (in English).

Halvor Kongshavn law librarian - Bergen, in October 1995