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The Electronic Law Library

The Electronic Law Library is a collection of links towards legal information - in particular primary sources - on the web. The links are organised by the systematic catalogue used by the Law Library, Bergen University Library, Norway. We update regulary. Comments are welcomed, please send a mail to the editor Halvor Kongshavn, Law librarian/Head of the Law library.


Bibliographies. L 1
Legal research. L 2.0–L 2.9
Annual reports. L 5
Biographies. Yearbooks. L 6
Law study
Study, schools, libraries, exam. L 11
Student theses. L 11.5
Books of reference
Encyclopedias. Dictionaries, etc. L 12.1–L 12.7
Legislation. Multiple countries
Multiple countries. Treaties. L 13.1
United Nations. L 13.2
EU. European Economic Agreement. L 13.3
Human rights. L 13.4
Other. L 13.9
Reports. Multiple countries
International Court of Justice. L 16.1
EU. European Economic Agreement. L 16.2
European Court/Commission of Human Rights. L 16.3
Other reports. L 16.4
Legislation. Specific countries
Norway. L 14.1
Denmark. L 14.2
Sweden. L 14.3
Other Nordic countries. L 14.4
United Kingdom. L 14.5
Germany. L 14.6
Other European countries. L 14.7
USA. L 14.8
Other non-European countries. L 14.9
Reports. Specific countries
Norway. L 15.1
Denmark. L 15.2
Sweden. L 15.3
Other Nordic countries. L 15.4
United Kingdom. L 15.5
Germany. L 15.6
Other European countries. L 15.7
USA. L 15.8
Other non-European countries. L 15.9
Government and parliamentary documents
Norway. L 16.5
Other countries. L 16.6
Journals. Other legal topics
Journals. L 17
Other legal topics