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Interlibrary Loan Service

[css/emarg.htm] Suggestions for acquisition of academic literature are preferred to just its interlibrary loan. Please fill in this form to suggest new acquisitions. It is however possible for students and staff members to obtain literature for academic purposes by interlibrary loan from both Norwegian and foreign libraries.

How long does it take?
Interlibrary loans from Norwegian and Nordic libraries may take up to a fortnight. Interlibrary loans from the rest of the world may take up to two months.

How long can a book be borrowed for?
We can guarantee the minimum borrowing time that the library owning the item allows, normally four weeks.

What can be ordered by interlibrary loan?
As far as books and journal articles are concerned, the Nordic countries are a common borrowing market and thus most of the literature available in Nordic databases can be obtained by interlibrary loan.
In most cases, it is also possible to obtain academic literature from the rest of the world.

Old books. Lending regulations vary considerably in the case of old books. Some libraries operate with a policiy whereby books printed before a cerytain year are not to be borrowed. Other libraries take into account the physical condition of the book and how unique it may be. Generally speaking, we can try to borrow old books from other libraries, but we cannot promise anything.

Journals. As a rule, it is not possible to borrow journals from other libraries. It is however possible to order photocopies, which the users must pay for at NKR 60 per article. Members of staff, scholarship holders and any others the departments pay for are required to provide the borrower number of their institution as they place their order.
Before ordering a journal article, users are required to check whether it is available in electronic form.

Foreign doctoral dissertations. It is generally possible to borrow foreign doctoral dissertations from the university they were originally submitted to. United States is an exception here. Dissertations from the United States must be bought from University Microfilms (UMI). Such dissertations may be ordered as ordinary books from the University Library. Otherwise users can buy them directly from UMI fairly quickly. They cost around NKR 300-400.
For further information and dissertation abstracts, please see Digital Dissertations.

Newspapers. Norwegian and Nordic newspapers may be borrowed in microfilm form. The same applies to magazines, provided that they are available in microfilm. Please note that it is not possible to borrow newspapers or magazines in their original printed form. It is not possible to borrow newspapers from outside the Nordic countries, but photocopies of articles can usually be obtained.

Maps cannot be borrowed from any library.