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Journals at the Grieg Academy Library

 Brass bulletin. - Bulle : BIM.
In our collevction you will find: Brass international ISSN 0952-794X.
ISSN 0303-3848
UBBGA Z Bra 1972 nr 3- 
Received journals
Classical guitar. - Gateshead : Ashley Mark Pub. Co.
ISSN 0950-429X
UBBGA Z Cla 6(1988)nr 5- .
Received journals

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Early music. - London : Oxford University Press.
ISSN 0306-1078
UBBGA Z Ear 1(1973)- .
Received journals
The Gramophone : the review of new classical recording. - Harrow, Middlesex :
General Gramophone Publ. Ltd.
13 nr per year.
In our collection tou will find: Vox, The radio critic, og Broadcast review.
ISSN 0017-310x
UBBGA qZ Gra (1.J) 1972-1979 (Ukpl.),
58(1981)nr 696- .
UBBHF Z Gra 41(1963/64)-75(1997/98)
Received journals
Journal of singing : the official journal of the National Association of
Teachers of Singing. - Jacksonville, Fla. : The Association.
Every other month,( exept from July and August.).
A continuation of: NATS journal, 52(1995)nr 5, ISSN 0884-8106.
ISSN 1086-7732, 08848106(feil ISSN)
1 98d014017 - kat 1998-03-13 UBBGA Z Jou 54(1998)nr 3- .
Received journals

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Das Orchester : Zeitschrift fr Orchesterkultur und Rundfunk-Chorwesen. - Mainz : Schott.
"Organ der Deutschen Orchestervereinigung.".
ISSN 0030-4468
UBBGA Z Orc 46(1998)-.
Received journals

The Strad : a monthly journal for professionals and amateurs of all
stringed instruments played with the bow. - London : Lavendar Publ.
ISSN 0039-2049
UBBGA Z Str 98(1987)- .
UBBHF Z Str 1(1890)-7(1896), 9(1898)-42(1931),
43(1932):505-512 (Interim)
Received journals
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