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 This manuscript is to be found at the “Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum” in Bergen, Norway (Cat.No. VK 3282(34/1891)). Jacob Mestmacher was born in 1735 and died  2nd. October 1810. He was the son of Joergen Mestmacher, merchant and organist (1738-1742) at the Maria Kirken (Church of Mary). His grandfather was Johann Joergen Mestmacher, who came to Bergen in 1687. Jacob Mestmacher got his citizenship of Bergen in 1762.  Jacob’s half brother, Jürgen Mestmacher was also organist at Maria Kirken, and it might be him, who selected, arranged and wrote down the compositions.  Jacob Mestmacher was married to Ann M. Mestmacher, they had no children.

 The manuscript is a handwritten document, a beautifully cloth bounded book. The name Jacob Mestmacher is written on the first page. The book contains 261 pieces of dances, arias and marches written for “claver” or other keyboard instruments. Some of the pieces has figured bass. Most of the music in the manuscript is unknown composers. 

  It was in 1953, that Dr. Robert Kloster (director at the museum) the 6th of October said to the newspaper “Morgenavisen”, that the manuscript was found during a clean-up at the museum. The music book is an fine example of the art of bookbinding. It is assumed, that the book is from mid-seventeenth century

Jacob Mestmacher Music-Book old record by Vestlandske K.I.M.
 Donated by Max Losting (1841-1911), lege i Bergen



Morgenavisen, Bergen 6 october 1953


Bergens Adressecontoir Efterretninger
6 october 1810
Dødsfald i Bergen 1765 -1850
utarbeidet a A.M. Wiesener




"Kjendere og Liebhabere": musikere og musikkliv i Bergen ca. 1750-1830 / Randi M. Selvik,  2005

Bergens Adressecontoirs  Efterretninger 1810

Dødsfald i Bergen 1765-1850 / utarbeidet av A.M. Wiesener, 1925

Morgenavisen  06.oktober 1953