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Aasland, Rein; Stewart, A Francis
Analysis of DNase I hypersensitive sites in chromatin by cleavage in
permeabilised cells. Chromatin Protocols,in the series: Methods in
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Cyp 1A in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.), partial cDNA sequence and   mRNA
expression studies. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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Cloning of RACK1 and immunohistochemical studies of RAK1 and PKC@ in  NIH
3T3 cells lines. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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A sensetive zonagenetic assay for rapid in vivo assessment of
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Analysis of PAXB paired doman binding to genomic target sites. - - -
Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus : epitope mapping and vaccine
development. - Department of Molecular Biology, University of Bergen 1 b. :
ill. Bergen 1999. ISBN 82-7653-016-8

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A search for proteins interacting with the SET-domain of the murine
TRITHORAX protein. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Gjerstad, Camilla
Effekter av fire ulike antipsykotiske medikamenter på
polyfosfoinositid syklus og cellulære responser i humane blodplater. -
Universitetet i Bergen, Det mat.-nat. fakultet 62 s. Bergen 1999.

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A Novel Paired Domain DNA Recognition Motif Can Mediate Pax2
Represion of Gene Transcription. Biochemical and Biophysical Research
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nuclear antigen) in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas. European Journal
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Sudanese dippers of nitrosamine-rich toombak and non-snuff-dippers    from
the Sudan and Scandinavia. International Journal of Cancer. 81: 4, 527 - 534
1999. ISSN 0020-7136

Kannapiran, Amirthalingam
A Study of Pax Protein Expression and Function in Zebrafish Embryonic
Development. - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Kleivdal, H; Benz,  R; Tommassen,  J; Jensen,  Harald B
Identification of positely charges residues of FomA porin of
Fusobacterium nucleatum which are important for pore fuctio. European
Journal of Biochemistry. 260: 3, 818 - 824 1999.

Kveine, Marit
Effects of 1@, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and retinoic acid in breast
cancer cells on the induction of apoptosis, the transcription of
RAR-genes and the binding of retinoic acid receptor dimers to their
concensus DNA binding elements. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Kyrkjebø, Vibeke
Studies on expression and germ line transmission of plasmid reporter
vectors in zebrafish. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Lange, L; Goksøyr,  Anders; Siebers,  D; Karbe,  L
Cytochrome P450 1A-dependent enzyme activities in the liver of dab
(Limanda limanda): kinetics, seasonal changes and detection limits.
Comparativ Biohemistry and Physiology B-Biochemistry ? Molecular Biology.
123: 4, 361 - 371 1999.

Larsen, Ann-Elise
PKCe expression and subcellular localisation in C3H/10T1/2 cells. - - -
Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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Bradly; Male, Rune
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Rong, Chung
Zonase from Salmo salar: Characterization of Endoproteases that
mediate the Hatching transition in the Sexual Life Cycle. - Universitetet i
Bergen 1999.

Rosendal, Ken Roger
Idetification of two candidate genes encoding proteins that may
interfere with activated K-Ras-mediated cell signalling in NIH 3T3    cells. -
- - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Sannerud, Ragna
Ribozyme-mediated knock-out of beta-actin gene expression. - Universitetet
i Bergen, Det mat.-nat. fakultet 65 s. Bergen 1999.

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Six class homebox genes in Drosophila belong to three distinct
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Three structurally and functionally conserved Hlx genes in zebrafish.
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- 335 1999.

Staalesen, Vidar
Cellular uptake and biological activities of purified HIV-1 Tatexon 1
protein. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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FYVE finger proteins - effectors of an inositol lipid. Journal of Cell
Science. 112: 4175 - 4183 1999.

Stern, Beate
Genetic and evolutionary studies on the site-specific recombination
system of bacteriophage Mu : a model for DNA mobility. - dr.scient. -
University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology 1 b. :ill. Bergen 1999.
ISBN 82-7653-018-4

Stokka, Anne Jorunn
Substrate induced global conformational change(s) in recombinant      human
phenylalanine hydroxylase as studied by surface plasmon         resonance
(SPR) analysis. - Universitetet i Bergen, Det mat.-nat. fakultet 65 s.
Bergen 1999.

Szilvay, Anne Marie; Bøe, Stig Ove; Kalland, Karl-Henning
A trans-dominant negative mutant of the HIV-1 Rev protein affects the
Rev-dependent splicing pattern and expression of HIV RNA. Journal of General
Virology. 80: 1965-1974 1999. ISSN 0022-1317

Szilvay, Anne Marie; Bøe, Stig Ove; Kalland, Karl-Henning
Co-expression of a trans-dominant negative mutant of the human
immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Rev protein affects the
Rev-dependent splicing pattern and expression of HIV-1 RNAs. Journal of
General Virology. 80: 8, 1965 - 1974 1999.

Sælemyr, Kari J.
Transfeksjonsanalyser av sebrafisk (Danio rerio) Pax(b) proteinets
transkripsjonsregulerende egenskaper. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Taranger, GL; Haux,  C; Hansen,  T; Stefansson,  SO; Bjørnsson,  BT;
Walther,  Bernt T
Mechanisms underlying photoperiodic effects on ae at sexual maturity  in
Atlantic salmon, Salmon salar. Aquaculture. 107: 47 - 60 1999.

Tjensvoll, Kjersti
Mutasjoner i Norske pasienter med akutt intermitterende porfyri. -
Universitet i Bergen 110 s. Bergen 1999.

Ugland, Silje Anett
Posttranslational modifications of annexin II. - Universitetet i Bergen, Det
mat.-nat. fakultet 142 s. Bergen 1999.

Vatland, Anne
The zebrafish vasa-like locus: Characterisation of the gene and its
promotor. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Wargelius, Anna; Ellingsen,  Ståle; Fjose,  Anders
Double-Stranded RNA Induces Specific Developmental Defects in
Zebrafish Embryos. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 263:
1, 156 - 161 1999.

Yadetie, Fekadu; Arukwe, Augustine; Goksøyr, Anders; Male, Rune
Induction of hepatic estrogen receptor in juvenile Atlantic salmon in vivo
by the environmental estrogen 4-nonylphenol. Science of the Total
Environment. 233: 201 - 210 1999. ISSN 0048-9697

Æsøy, Reidun
Nuclear Receptors and Cell Specific Transcriptional Regulation:
Intracellular Distribution of Steroidogenic Factor-1 and
Stabilization by Activation of the cAMP-dependant Protein Kinase
Signaling Pathway. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Øvrebø, Steinar
Biomarkers for occupational and environmental esposure to polycyckic
aromatic hydrocarbons. - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

Årskog, Vibeke
Group II introne fragmentaion; Development of a sequence specific RNA
restriction ribozyme. - - - Universitetet i Bergen 1999.

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