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Produksjonsdato : 2001-01-25
Katalogtype: Fullformat.

PublKat: A11 (Artikkel i internasjonalt vitenskapelig tidsskrift med referee)
Instit:  Universitetet i Bergen, Det odontologiske fakultet, Odontologisk institutt, Kjeveortopedi
Forf:    Leknes, Knut N.
         UiB, Periodonti
Medforf: Lie, Tryggve
         UiB, Periodonti
Medforf: Bøe, Olav E.
         UiB, Kjeveortopedi
Medforf: Selvig, Knut A.
         UiB, Laboratorium for odontologisk forskning
Tittel:  A correlation study of inflammatory cell mobilization in response to s
         ubgingival microbial colonization
Tidskr:  J Periodontol
År:      1997
Volum:   68
Side(r): 67-72
SamEng:  This study evaluated site-by-site the relations between subgingival m
         icrobial colonization and gingival tissue reactions. Experimental, de
         ep periodontal defects were established at buccal surfaces of mandibu
         lar and maxillary canine teeth in 5 beagle dogs. The root surfaces we
         re instrumented by a flame-shaped, fine-grained, rotating diamond poi
         nt, or by a sharpcuret. Following a 10-day postsurgical healing perio
         d, the dogs were fed a plaque-inducing diet for 70 days. The animals
         were then sacrificed and tissue blocks of the experimetal sites inclu
         ding teeth and periodontal tissues were secured. The buccal gingiva w
         as removed and processed for histomorphometric analysis while the tee
         th were prepared for scanning microscopic evaluation of the extent of
          subgingival microbial colonization. The results revealed that inflam
         matory cell density in the junctional epithelium and in the connectiv
         e tissue were positively correlated to subgingival microbial coloniza
         tion (P < 0.01). Furthermore, the degree of significance decreased wi
         th increasing distance from the plaque. The present study demonstrate
         s that a close relation may exist between the extent of subgingival m
         icrobial colonization and inflammatory gingival tissue reactions.
Språk:   eng
PublID:  r98001317
StatKat: f

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