Det historisk-filosofiske fakultet

Seksjon for humanistisk informatikk

Produksjonsdato : 2001-01-25
Katalogtype: Fullformat.

PublKat: C11 (Rapport utgitt av institusjon, forening, o.a.)
Instit:  Universitetet i Bergen, Det historisk-filosofiske fakultet, Seksjon for humanistisk informatikk
Forf:    Skarsten, Roald
         UiB, Seksjon for humanistisk informatikk
Tittel:  Some Aspects of the Difficulty of MT and Naturalness
Serie:   The Research Series of the Section for Humanistic Informatics
År:      1997-04-30
Side(r): 182
Utgiver: Seksjon for Humanistisk informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen
Emneord: Machine Translation, language, English/Norwegian, naturalness, measur
         ing methods, limitations, error types
SamEng:  The results of a comparison of an English source text from an oil ind
         ustry translation project and its raw MT-output minimally edited, wit
         h the fully edited translation, i.e. the polished and client-accepted
          Norwegian translated version. This comparison consists in describing
          and counting impediments to MT's achieving naturalness. Error types
         are defined. Memory based translation is applied and evaluated. Limit
         ations to MT are discussed.
Språk:   eng
PublID:  r98005768
StatKat: f
LokalK:  s

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