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Produksjonsdato : 2001-01-30
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Bolstad, Anne Isine; Jensen, Harald B; Bakken, Vidar
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Clinical Microbiology Reviews. 9: 1, 55-71 1996. ISSN 0893-8512

Bruun, Georg
Topical antibiotics in periodontal therapy. A comparison of the adjunctive
effect of metronidazole and tetracycline in previously untreated periodontal
defects in humans. Master of Science (Dentistry) Thesis. - Department of
periodontology 1-40 1996. ISBN 82-7249-172-9

Leknes, K.
The influence of anatomic and iatrogenic root surface characteristics on
bacterial colonization and periodontal destructrion. Dr.odont. thesis. -
Dep. of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, University of Bergen. 1 b.
(flere pag.) 1996. ISBN 82-7249-175-3

Leknes, Knut N.; Lie, Tryggve; Selvig, Knut A.
Cemental Tear: A Risk Factor in Periodontal Attachment Loss. J Periodontol.
67: 6, s. 583-588 1996.

Leknes, Knut N.; Lie, Tryggve; Wikesjø, Ulf M.E.; Bøe, Olav E.; Selvig, Knut
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Lie, Neshe
Topical application of a metronidazole gel compared to subgingival scaling
in primary treatment of adult periodontitis. A specialist thesis. Red. Lie,
Neshe 27 1996. ISBN 82-7249-174-5

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