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Aardal, Sidsel; Aardal, Nils-Petter; Larsen, Terje H.; Angeletti, R.H.;
Stridsberg, M.; Taupenot, L.; Aunis, D.; Helle, Karen Blauw
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chromogranins in the intact tumour, urine and serum in clinically
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Congress of the Association for Neuro-Oncology (EANOII). 2. Post graduate

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Døskeland, Stein Ove
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by microinjection of fluorecent substrate. Fluorecence microscopy and
fluorescent probes. Red. Slavik, J. 1996.

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Fosse, Gisle; Tvinnereim, Helene Meyer; Kjøsnes, Marit
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method for calculation of comparable element values in singel teeth with
different enamel and dentin weight ratios. Chemical data of plant, animal
and human tissues as a basis of geomedical investigations. The Norwegian
Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo 57-65 Oslo, 30. November-1. December
1995 1996. ISBN 82-90888-19-8 International symposium [...] the working
group Soils and Geomedicine of the International Society of Soil Science

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Garcia-Cabrera, Inmaculada; Edvardsen, Klaus; Tysnes, B.B.; Read, T.;
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September 10-13.

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Stockholm, Sverige, 19-22  mai.

Hordnes, Knut; Tynning, Turid; Jonsson, R.; Haneberg, B.
Nasal immunization of mice can induce high levels of IgA antibodies to
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15th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine. Glasgow, Scotland, September

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Divergence towards a dead end? Cleavage of the divergent domains of
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ISSN 0022-0345

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ISSN 0022-1295

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Thorsen, Frits Alan; Visted, Therese; Lehtonlainen, P.; Ylä-Herttuala, S.;
Bjerkvig, Rolf
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1996. International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

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1996. ISSN 0167-594x

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Jonsson, R.
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movements. Journal of Dental Research; 75, Special issue. 1821 1996. ISSN

Åbro, Arnold
Gregarine infection of adult Calopteryx virgo L. (Odonata:
Zygoptera). Journal of Natural History. 30: 6, 855-859 1996. ISSN 0022-2933

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