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Aardal, S; Aardal, N-P; Larsen, TH; Angeletti, RH; Stridsberg, M; Taupenot,
L; Aunis, D; Helle, Karen B.
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vitenskapsteori". Naturen. 56 1996. ISSN 0028-0887

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hormone receptor negative. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 41: 2, 123-130 1996.

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Quantification of glioma cell invasion by confocal laser scanning
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ISSN 0304-3835

Røsok, B; Bostad, L; Voltersvik, P; Bjerknes, R; Olofsson, J; Åsjö, B;
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Reduced CD4 cell counts in blood do not reflect CD4 cell depletion in
tonsillar tissue in asymptomatic HIV-1 infection. AIDS. 10: 10, F35-F38 1996.

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