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Aarseth, Jan H.; Heuch, Ivar
Assessing uncertainty in knowledge-based systems for data analysis by
simulation. - Statistical Report. - Department of Mathematics, University of
Bergen 30: 30 1996-08.

Aarseth, Jan H.; Heuch, Ivar.
Interfaces in a knowledge-based statistical system, as exemplified by
Express. - Statistical Report. - Department of Mathematics, University of
Bergen 29: 27 1996-07.

Aarseth, Jan H.; Heuch, Ivar
Logistrule: A knowledge-based system for logistic regression. - Statistical
Report. - Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 28: 87 1996-07.

Aarseth, Jan H.; Heuch, Ivar
User's guide to Express: A tool for building knowledge-based systems for
statistical data analysis. - Statistical Report. - Department of
Mathematics, University of Bergen 27: 151 1996-07.

Albrektsen, Grethe; Heuch, Ivar; Kvale, Gunnar
Further evidence of a dual effect of a completed pregnancy on breast cancer
risk. Cancer Causes and Control. 7: 487-488 1996.

Albrektsen, Grethe; Heuch, Ivar; Kvale, Gunnar
Reproductive factors and incidence of epithelial ovarian cancer: a
Norwegian prospective study. Cancer Causes and Control. 1996 7: 421-427 1996.

Albrektsen, Grethe; Heuch, Ivar; Kvale, Gunnar
Reproductive factors and incidence of epithelial ovarian cancer: a
Norwegian prospective study. Cancer Causes and Control. 1996 7: 421-427 1996.

Alendal, Guttorm
Implementing and testing of different gravity current models with
application to oceanic and man-made currents. - Nansen Environmental and
Remote Sensing Center IV, 144 s. Solheimsviken, Bergen 1996.

Berg, Aina Margrethe
A theoretical investigation of some nonlinear propagation models in
ultrasound. 1 bind. Bergen 1996.

Berge, Gerhard
Dynamic Stabilization a Hamiltonian Formulation. - Report. - Matematisk
Inst. UiB 96: 1-33 1996.

Berge, Gerhard
Dynamic Stabilization of a Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Compressible Fluid. -
Report. - Matematisk Inst. UiB 97: 1996.

Berge, Gerhard
Plasmadynamikk M243 (Utfyllande notat til pensum). - Matematisk inst., UiB
51 s. 1996.

Berge, Gerhard
Rotating O-pinch. - Matematisk inst., UiB 7 s. 1996.

Berntsen, J.; Svendsen, E.; Ostrowski, M.
Validation and sensitivity study of a sigma-coordinate ocean model using
the Skagex dataset. ICES CM 1996/C:5. 5: 1-28 1996.

Berntsen, Jarle
Om varsling av været i Havet. Bergen 1996-10-05. UiBs Jubileum.

Berntsen, Jarle; Svendsen, E.
Validation and sensitivity study of sigma-coordinate ocean models using the
SKAGEX dataset. Oslo 1996-08-14. JONSMOD '96.

Dahle, Helge K.; Johansen, T.O.W.; Botnen, Tone; Tai, X-C
A characteristic domain decomposition method for modeling flow in a coastal
aquifer. Proc. Ninth. Int. Conf. on Domain Dec. Meth. Red. Bjørstad, P.E.;
Espedal, M.S.; Keyes, D.E. Wiley 7 s. 1996-06. Ninth Int. Conf. on Domain
Decomposition Methods. Ullensvang, Norway.

Dhaene, Jan; Willmot, Gordon; Sundt, Bjørn
Recursions for distribution functions and stop-loss transforms. -
Statistical Report. - Matematisk inst., UiB 26: 1996.

Dhaene, Jan; Willmot, Gordon; Sundt, Bjørn
Recursions for distribution functions and stop-loss transforms. 1996-09-02.
ASTIN-Kollokvium, XVII. København.

Dhaene, Jan; Sundt, Bjørn; De Pril, Nelson
Some moment relations for the Hipp approximation. ASTIN bulletin. 26: 1,
117-120 1996. ISSN 0515-0361

Dysthe, Kristian B.
On the steady flow in a cell createdby a double diffusive convection
instiability. Waves and nonlinear processes in hydrodynamics. Red. Grue,
John; Gjevik, Bjørn; Weber, Jan Erik. Kluwer Academic Publisher, Dordrecht,
Netherlands 1996. ISBN 0-7923-4031-0

Eckhoff, Knut S.; Rolfsnes, Jens H.
On Nonsmooth Solutions of Linear Hyperbolic Systems. Journal of
computational physics. 125: 1-15 1996. ISSN 0021-9991

Eckhoff, Knut S.; Wasberg, Carl Erik
Solution of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations in Complex Geometries
by a Modified Fourier Colocation Method. Houston Journal of Mathematics,
Proceedings. Houston, Texas 1996. Third International Conference on Spectral
and High Order Methods , ICOSAHOM'95.

Ellingsrud, Geir; Strømme, Stein Arild
Bott's Formula and Enumerative Geometry. Journal of the American
Mathematical Society. American Mathematical Society 9: 1, 175-193 1996-01.

Ellingsrud, Geir; Le Potier, Joseph; Strømme, Stein Arild
Some Donaldson Invariants of CP2. Moduli of Vector Bundles.
Red. Maruyama, Masaki. Marcel Dekker, Inc 179: 33-38 1996. ISBN

Ersland, Brit Gunn
On numerical methods for including the effect of capillary pressure
forces on two-phase, immiscible flow in a layered porous medium. -
Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 98 bl. : ill. Bergen 1996.

Espedal, Magne; Tai, Xue-Cheng; Yan, N.
A hybrid domain decomposition method for advection-diffusion problems. -
Report. - Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 102, 1996.

Heuch, Jane; Heuch, Ivar; Kvåle, Gunnar
Birth characteristics and risk of Wilms' tumour: a nationwide prospective
study in Norway. British Journal of Cancer. 74: 1148-1151 1996.

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Nonparametric statistics for testing linearity and serial independence.
Nonparametric Statistics. 6: 223-251 1996.

Holme, Audun
Innføring i geometri; fra Euklid til Mandelbrot. - Alma Mater forlag, Bergen
158 s., ill. 1996. ISBN 82-419-0211-5

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Automorphism groups of free geometries revisited. Journal of geometry.
Birkhaüser Verlag, Basel 56: 51-58 1996. ISSN 0047-2468

Johnsen, Trygve
Appendix to Marc Coppens' article: "An infinitesimal study of secant space
divisors". Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. 113: 121-144 1996. ISSN

Johnsen, Trygve
Clemens' conjecture for curves of low degree. Kaiserslautern Universitet,
Tyskland 1996-06-03.

Johnsen, Trygve
Om Clemens' formodning for kurver av grad 10 til 24. Univ. i Oslo 1996-03-15.

Johnsen, Trygve
Plane Projections of a smooth space curve. Banach Center publications. 36:
89-110 1996. ISSN 0137-6934

Johnsen,  Trygve
Rank two bundles on algebraic curves and decoding of Goppa codes. -
Alg-Geom/9608018. - Duke University electronic archive 1996.

Johnsen, Trygve; Kleiman, Steven L.
Rational curves of degree at most 9 on a general quintic threefold.
Communications in algebra. 24: 8, 2721-2753 1996. ISSN 0092-7872

Johnsen, Trygve
Rational curves on complete intersection threefolds. Institut
Mittag-Leffler, Sverige 1996-10-10.

Kunisch, K.; Tai, X.-C.
Sequential and parallel plitting methods for bilinear Control problems in
Hilbert spaces. SIAM J Numer Anal. 1996.

Lie, R. T.; Heuch, Ivar; Irgens, Lorentz M; Øye, Bjarte A.; Ødegaard, S.;
Berstad, A.
Maximum likelihood estimation of the proportion of congenital
malformations using double registration systems. Biometrics. - Working paper
series Red. Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila; Hellan, Lars; Solberg, Birger. NTNU.
Linguistic Dept. 50: 3, s. 433-444 Trondheim 1994. ISBN 82-91557-01-2 ISBN
3-87017-230-4 ISSN 0006-341x 1st Conference on Formal Approaches to South
Slavic Languages. Maastrich.

Marshall, Donald E.; Stray, Arne
Interpolation Blaschke Products. Pacific journal of mathematics. 173: 1,
1996. ISSN 0030-8730

Meurer, Paul
Gromov-Witten numbers of rational curves on Calabi-Yau complete
intersections in weighted projective space P(2,1n). - Department of
Mathematics, University of Bergen 102 s. Bergen 1996.

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Nevanlinnas coefficients and Douglas algebras. Pacific journal of
mathematics. 173: 2, 1996. ISSN 0030-8730

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On the distribution of a randomly discounted compound Poisson process.
Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 61: 305-310 1996. ISSN

Paulsen, Jostein; Gjessing, Håkon
Ruin theory with stochastic returns on investment. København 1996-09-03.
ASTIN konferanse. XXVII.

Rolfsnes, Jens Halvor
Applications of a modified Fourier method to discontinuous problems. -
Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 1 b. Bergen 1996.

Rødseth, Øystein; Hamidoune, Y.O.
On basis for s-finite groups. Mathematica Scandinavica. 78: 246-254 1996. ISSN

Rødseth, Øystein
On the addition of residue classes mod p. Monatshefte für Mathematik. 121:
139-143 1996. ISSN 0026-9255

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1991-1995. Red. Chudnovsky, D.V.; Chudnovsky, G.V.; Nathanson, M.B. Springer
Verlag, New York 269-279 1996. ISBN 0-387-94826-0

Rødseth, Øystein
Weighted multi-connected loop networks. Discrete Mathematics. 148: 161-173
1996. ISSN 0012-365x

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Testing for serial independence using measures of distance between
densities. Springer Lectures Notes in Statistics, 115. Red. Robinson, P. M.;
Rosenblatt, M. Springer 115: 1996.

Strømme, Stein Arild
Elementary Introduction to Representable Functors and Hilbert Schemes.
Parameter Spaces. Red. Pragacz, Piotr. Polish Academy of Sciences Inst.
Math. 36: 179-198 1996. ISSN 0137-6934

Sundt, Bjørn
En aktuar - hva er det? Bergen 1996-03-19. Statistisk forening i Bergen.

Sundt, Bjørn
Livsforsikringsmatematikknotasjon (notat til M 262). - Matematisk inst., UiB
16 s. 1996.

Sundt, Bjørn; Dhaene, Jan
On bounds for the difference between the stop loss trasnforms of two
compound distributions. ASTIN bulletin. 26: 2, 225-231 1996. ISSN 0515-0361

Sundt, Bjørn
On recursive evaluation of aggregate claims distributions. 1996-10-04. Den
norske ASTIN-gruppe. Oslo.

Svendsen, Einar; Berntsen, Jarle; Skogen, Morten; Ådlandsbruk, Bjørn;
Martinsen, Eivind
Model simulation of the Skagerrak circulation and hydrography during Skagex.
Journal of marine systems. 8: 219-236 1996. ISSN 0924-7963

Tai, Xue-Cheng; Johansen, Torbjørn O. W.; Dahle, Helge K.; Espedal, Magne
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science and engineering. Red. Glowinski, R.; Periaux, J.; Shi, Z.-C.;
Widlund, O.B. Wiley and Sons 7 s. 1996. Eight International Conference on
Domain Decomposition Methods. Beijing, China.

Tai, Xue-Cheng; Espedal, Magne
Rate of convergence of a space decomposition method and applications to
domain decomposition for linear and nonlinear elliptic problems. - Report. -
Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 103, 1996.

Tai, Xue-Cheng; Espedal, Magne
Some nonlinear space decomposition algorithms. Colorado, USA, 9-13 April
1996. Proceeding of the Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods.

; Tjøstheim, Dag
Measures of dependence and tests of independence independence. Statistics.
1996. ISSN 0323-3944

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A modified nonlinear Schrodinger equation for broader bandwidth gravity
waves on deep water. Wave Motion. Elsevier 1996 24: 281-289 1996.

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Comment on "A perturbation analysis of an interaction between long and
short surface waves" by Woodruff and Messiter. Studies in applied
mathematics. Blackwell Publishers 96: 141-142 1996.

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Frequency downshift in 3-D wave trains. Bulletin of the American Physical
Society, vol. 41. 1795-1795 Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. 1996-11-26. ISSN
0003-0503 American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics, Annual
meeting 1996.

Tverberg, Helge
Om Cadillacer, fødselsdatoer, geiter og statsministre. Tangenten. 7: 1,
43-47 1996.

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Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for systems of nonlinear
advective-diffusive-reactive equations. Advances in Water Resources.
Elsevier 19: 5, 297-315 1996.

Ystad, Bjørnar; Berntsen, Jarle
Numerical solution of parabolic equations for strongly curved focusing
sources. Acta Aconstrea. 82: 698-706 1996.

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