Det odontologiske fakultet

Odontologisk institutt, Periodonti

Produksjonsdato : 2001-01-31
Katalogtype: Kortformat.

Amarante, Evandro Scigliano
Treatment of buccal gingival recessions. Coronally positioned flap
procedures with or without the adjunct of a biodegradable membrane. Master
of Science (Dentistry) Thesis. - Department of periodontology 1-49 1995. ISBN

Bolstad, A.I.; Høgh, B.T.; Jensen, H.B.
Molecular characterization of a 40-kDa outer membrane protein, FomA, of
Fusobacterium periodonticum and comparison with Fusobacterium nucleatum.
Oral Microbiol Immunol. Munksgaard 10: s. 257-264 1995. ISSN 0902-0055

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