Det odontologiske fakultet

Oral anatomi, Inst. for anatomi og cellebiologi

Produksjonsdato : 2001-02-02
Katalogtype: Fullformat.

PublKat: A11 (Artikkel i internasjonalt vitenskapelig tidsskrift med referee)
Instit:  Universitetet i Bergen, Det odontologiske fakultet, Oral anatomi, Inst. for anatomi og cellebiologi
Forf:    Eide, R.
Medforf: Schionning, J.D.
Medforf: Bjugn, R.
Medforf: Wesenberg, G.R.
Medforf: Fosse, G.
Tittel:  Autometallograhic demonstration of mercury in rat molars.
Tidskr:  Scandinavian journal of dental research
ISSN:    0029-845X
År:      1994
Volum:   102
Side(r): s. 76-80
Emneord: autometallography, mercury, rat, teeth
SamNor:  Male, adult Wistar rats were exposed to 500 g/m3 mercury vapor 6 h
          per day, 5 days a week for 4 wk. They were subsequently killed by tr
         anscardial perfusion. The molars were extracted, demineralized, and e
         mbedded in resin before sectioning. Autometallographic, development w
         as performed according to the method of DANSCHER & MÖLLERMADSEN, Mer
         cury deposits were found in small amounts in several areas of the pul
         p, but with larger accumulations of grains in relation to odontoblast
         s. Mercury also could be seen in odontoblastic processes in the denti
         n and predentin. Our conclusion is therefore that systematic uptake o
         f mercury vapor leads to accumulation of mercury in the odontoblasts
         and that the mercury may be transported into the dentin tubules in th
         e odontoblastic process.
Språk:   eng
PublID:  r95003447
StatKat: f

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