Det odontologiske fakultet

Odont. inst. - oral kirurgi og oral medisin

Produksjonsdato : 98-05-06
Katalogtype: Kortformat.

Berge, T. I.                                                                  
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diagnoses, treatment, and referrals. Acta odontologica scandinavica. 51, s.   
171-181 1993 ISSN 0001-6357                                         A01       
Berge, T. I.                                                                  
Når skal visdomstenner fjernes? Den norske tannlegeforenings tidende. 103,    
s. 206-210 1993 ISSN 0029-2303                                      A04       
Berge, T. I.; Gilhuus-Moe, O. T.                                              
Per- and post-operative variables of mandibular third-molar surgery by four   
general practitioners and one oral surgeon. Acta odontologica scandinavica.   
51, s. 389-397 1993 ISSN 0001-6357                                  A01       
Berge, T. I.; Bøe, O. E.                                                      
Symptoms and lesions associated with retained or partially erupted third      
molars. Some variables of third molar surgery in Norwegian general practice.  
Acta odontologica scandinavica. 51, s. 115-121 1993 ISSN 0001-6357  A01       
Tornes, K.; Wisth, P. J.                                                      
Surgical-orthodontic treatment of class III. Mandibular prognathism           
including vertical and transversal deformities. Consensus. The timing of      
facial osteotomies in children and adolescents. LIC forlag AB and Inst. for   
Postgraduate Educ., Jonkøping Sverige., s. 19-27 1993 ISBN 91-7584-285-8      

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