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Produksjonsdato : 98-05-06
Katalogtype: Kortformat.

Abrahamsen, J. F.; Småland, R.; Sandberg, S.; Aakvaag, A.; Lote, K.           
Circadian variation in serum cortisol and circulating neutrophils are         
markers for circadian variation of bone marrow proliferation in cancer        
patients. Eur J Haematol. 50, s. 206-212 1993                       KAT 1     
Bakkevold, K. E.; Arnesjø, B.; Dahl, O.; Kambestad, B.                        
Adjuvant combination chemotherapy (AMF) following radical resection of        
carcinoma of the pancreas and papilla of vater - Results of a controlled,     
prospective, randomised multicentre study. Eur J Cancer. 29A, s. 698-703      
1993                                                                KAT 1     
Bruserud, Ø.; Pawelec, G.                                                     
Effects of dipyridamole and R-verapamil on in vitro proliferation of blast    
cells from patients with acute myelogenous leukaemia. Leukemia Res. 17, s.    
507-513 1993                                                        KAT 1     
Bruserud, Ø.; Ehninger, G.; Hamann, W.; Pawelec, G.                           
Secretion of IL-2, IL-3, IL-4, IL-6 and GM-CSF by CD4+ and CD8+ TCR+   
T-cell clones derived early after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.     
Scand J Immunol. 38, s. 65-74 1993                                  KAT 1     
Ganz, J. C.; Backlund, E.-O.; Thorsen, F. A.                                  
The results of Gamma Knife surgery of meningeomas, related to size of tumor   
and dose. Stereotact and Funct Neurosurg. Suppl. 61:1, s. 23-29 1993          
                                                                    KAT 1     
Ganz, J. C.; Backlund, E.-O.; Thorsen, F. A.                                  
The results of Gamma Knife surgery of pituitary adenomas on tumor growth      
and dose. Stereotact and Funct Neurosurg. Suppl. 61:1, s. 30-37 1993          
                                                                    KAT 1     
Hornsleth, S. N.                                                              
The finite difference time domain method and its application to               
hyperthermia simulations. Hyperthermic Oncology 1992. 2, s. 271-273 1993      
                                                                    KAT 1     
Johannessen, D. C.; Adlercreutz, H.; Fotsis, T.; Lønning, P. E.               
Plasma and urinary oestrogens in breast cancer patients on treatment with     
4-hydroxy-androstenedione. Br J Cancer. 68, s. 393-398 1993         KAT 1     
Kaasa, S.; Kragh-Jensen, E.; Bjordal, K.; Lund, E.; Evensen, J. F.; Vermund,  
H.; Monge, O. R.; Boehler, P.                                                 
Prognostic factors in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Acta Oncol.     
32, s. 531-536 1993                                                 KAT 1     
Lyng, H.; Monge, O. R.; Sager, E. M.; Rofstad, E. K.                          
Prediction of treatment temperatures in clinical hyperthermia of locally      
advanced breast carcinoma: The use of contrast enhanced computed              
tomography. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 26, s. 451-457 1993       KAT 1     
Lønning, P. E.                                                                
Dose response evaluation - Use of plasma concentration confidence intervals   
as a tool to predict optimal drug dose ratio. Clin Pharmacokinet. 25, s. 1-5  
1993                                                                KAT 1     
Lønning, P. E.; Lien, E.                                                      
Pharmacokinetics of antiendocrine agents. Cancer Surveys. 17, s. 343-370      
1993                                                                KAT 1     
Lønning, P. E.                                                                
Use of endocrine therapy to study the biology of breast cancer. Cancer Treat  
Rev. Suppl. 19:B, s. 65-77 1993                                     KAT 1     
Mella, O.                                                                     
Kvalmebehandling. Spesialutgave om kreftbehandling. - Sandoz Informasjon:     
1, s. 4-9 1993                                                      KAT 3     
Mella, O.; Dahl, O.                                                           
Serotoninantagonister mot kvalme og oppkast utløst av onkologisk              
behandling. (Lederartikkel). Tidsskr Nor Lægeforen. 113, s. 2233-2234 1993    
                                                                    KAT 7     
Pawelec, G.; Kalbacher, H.; Bruserud, Ø.                                      
Tumor specific antigens revisited: Presentation to the immune system of       
fusion peptides resulting solely from tumor specific chromosomal              
translocations. Oncology and Research. 4, s. 315-320 1993           KAT 1     
Poon, G. K.; Chui, Y. C.; McCague, R.; Lønning, P. E.; Feng, R.; Rowlands,    
M. G.; Jarman, M.                                                             
Analysis of Phase I and Phase II metabolites of tamoxifen in breast cancer    
patients. Drug Metab Disp. 21, s. 1119-1124 1993                    KAT 1     
Rosengren, B.; Wulff, L.; Carlsson, E.; Carlsson, J.; Strid, K.-G.;           
Montelius, A.                                                                 
Backscatter radiation at tissue-titanium interfaces. Acta Oncol. 32, s.       
73-77 1993                                                          KAT 1     
Småland, R.; Lote, K.; Sothern, R. B.; Lærum, O. D.                           
DNA synthesis and ploidy in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas demonstrate               
intrapatient variation depending on circadian stage of cell sampling. Cancer  
Res. 53, s. 3129-3138 1993                                          KAT 1     
Thorsen, F. A.; Ganz, J. C.                                                   
Dose planning with the Leksell Gamma Knife: The effect on dose volume of      
more than one shot at the same target point. Stereotact and Funct Neurosurg.  
Suppl. 61:1, s. 151-163 1993                                        KAT 1     
Toftgaard, J.; Hornsleth, S. N.; Andersen, J. Bach                            
Effects on portable antennas of the presence of a person. IEEE Trans          
Antennas and Prop. 41: 6, s. 739-746 1993                           KAT 1     

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