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Institutt for klinisk biologi, Endokrinologisk seksjon (til 1996)

Produksjonsdato : 98-05-06
Katalogtype: Kortformat.

Aasebø, U.; Gyltnes, A.; Bremnes, R.M.; Aakvaag, A.                           
Reversal of sexual impotence in male patients with chronic obstructive        
pulmonary disease and hypoxemia with long term oxygen threapy. Journal of     
Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 46, 799-803 1993        KAT 1     
Abrahamsen, J. F.; Småland, R.; Sandberg, S.; Aakvaag, A.; Lote, K.           
Circadian variation in serum cortisol and circulating neutrophils are         
markers for circadian variation of bone marrow proliferation in cancer        
patients. Eur J Haematol. 50, s. 206-212 1993                       KAT 1     
Bergsholm, P.; Oulie, D.; Holsten, F.; Myking, O.                             
Can disulfiram potentiate the dexamethasone suppression test in depressive    
patients? J Affective Disorders. 28, s. 241-247 1993                KAT 1     
Frostad, S.; Kalland, T.; Aakvaag, A.; Lærum, O. D.                           
Hemoregulatory peptide (HP5b) dimer effects on normal and malignant cells in  
culture. Stem Cells. 11, s. 303-311 1993                            KAT 1     
Larsen, T. H.; Myking, O.; Lillehaug, J. R.; Sætersdal, T.                    
Inhibition and down-regulation of protein kinase C in cultured atrial         
myocytes: effects on distribution of specific granules and secretion of       
atrial natriuretic peptide. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 94, s. 173-181 1993          
                                                                    KAT 1     
Larsen, T. H.; Huitfeldt, S.; Myking, O.; Sætersdal, T.                       
Microtubule-associated distribution of specific granules and secretion of     
atrial natriuretic factor in primary cultures of rat cardiomyocytes. Cell     
Tissue Res. 272, s. 201-210 1993                                    KAT 1     
Mo, R.; Omvik, P.; Lund-Johannessen, P.; Myking, O.                           
The Bergen blood pressure study: intake and ambulatory blood pressure in      
offspring of hypertensive and normotensive families. Blood Pressure. 2,       
278-283 1993                                                        KAT 1     
Nordøy, E.; Aakvaag, A.; Larsen, T.H.                                         
Metabolic adaptation to fasting in harp seal pups. Physiological Zoology.     
66: 6, 926-945 1993                                                 KAT 1     
Omland, T.; Aarsland, T.; Aakvaag, A.; Lie, R.T.; Dickstein, K.               
Prognostic value of artial natriuretic factor, norepinephrine and epin        
ephrine in acute myocardial infraction. American Journal of Cardiology. 72,   
255-259 1993                                                        KAT 1     
Omland, T; Aarsland, T; Aakvaag, A; Dickstein, K                              
The effect of early converting enzyme inhibition on neurohumoral              
activycation in acute myocardial infarction. International Journal of         
Cardiology. 42, 37-45 1993                                          KAT 1     
Omland, T.; Bonarjee, V.V.S.; Aakvaag, A.; Aarsland, T.; Dickstein, K.        
The relationship between early plasma natriuretic factor levels and ex        
ercise performance after myocardial infarction. European Heart Journal. 14,   
1022-1026 1993                                                      KAT 1     
Øie, B. K.; Skadberg, T.; Myking, O. L.; Ohm, O. J.                           
Acute effects of different pacing modes on atrial natriuretic peptide,        
catecholamines and right atrial pressure in patients with complete            
atrioventricular block. Eur J Cardiac Pacing Electrophysiol. 1, s. 29-35      
1993                                                                KAT 1     

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